AIArtificial Intelligence

AI Development to Support Next-Generation Businesses

Leveraging a wealth of business analysis experience, our data science experts enable automated business operations by providing one-stop services that stretch from preparing high-quality customized learning data (features) to building AI models optimized for individual clients.

Available Services

  • AI Implementation Assessment

    Want to implement AI into your business operations, but not sure where to start? Applying our extensive analytics know-how and years of experience, GRANVALLEY determines and evaluates ways of utilizing AI to address business challenges. This service clarifies the scope of AI utilization for the client and identifies the required data and technologies, creating a roadmap to AI implementation.

  • AI Development

    For many years, GRANVALLEY has helped clients develop frameworks that provide high-quality data analytics to ensure the reliability of data needed for decision making. By employing our vast experience, we provide one-stop services that stretch from developing the framework for high-quality data preparation to building optimized AI models.

  • AI Education and Training

    A business challenge common to many companies is the effective use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine-learning, and IoT. The approach is often throttled by a shortfall in human resources and a lack of experience. GRANVALLEY’s AI Education and Training offers highly flexible education programs that are designed by our experienced professionals. Each education program provides the client with a tight package of knowledge and technologies needed for AI development, on topics such as statistics and programming.