ERPEnterprise Resource Planning

The New Importance of ERP that Only Professional Consultants in Data Analytics Could Recognize

With the increasing globalization of information, the business environment has been dramatically changing, making the delivery of real-time information an important challenge. The key to address this challenge is having a stable Analytics-based management platform that works in coordination with ERP to allow the company to seize up-to-date management information accurately. GRANVALLEY designs and implements ERP data structures that are “visualization-conscious” from the early stages of ERP system planning, on the grounds that the ERP system is the most essential data source for management analysis. We support our clients’ prompt decision-making by providing a management platform that delivers real-time information from the early stages of ERP system development.

Consulting Services

  • ERP Implementation

    Through these services, GRANVALLEY implements ERP systems for data visualization. In general, implementation of “analytics” takes place only after ERP is implemented or its operation structure is established. This makes it difficult to have all data necessary for configuring KPIs during ERP system implementation, leading to additional work and higher-than-expected cost. In order to prevent the need for additional work and realize a rapid decision-making cycle, GRANVALLEY implements an ERP system for the purpose of “data visualization” from the early stages of the project.

  • ERP System Performance

    Improve ERP system performance by leveraging GRANVALLEY’s extensive expertise accumulated over many years’ experience in both ERP and Analytics services. GRANVALLEY first identifies bottle-neck processes (i.e. points to be improved) from both macro (entire system) and micro (individual process) perspectives. We then visualize costs, effects, and expected ERP system implementation results at an early stage. We calculate cost and cost effectiveness, then improve system performance.


    Since the release of SAP HANA and S/4 HANA, the next-generation SAP business suite, many companies have started migrating to SAP HANA and S/4 HANA. Through these services, we first investigate the client company’s legacy ERP system environment and then carry out the migration to SAP HANA or S/4 HANA effectively and efficiently.

  • ERP Development
    Education and Training

    These service offerings provide education of ERP development for engineers. We utilize a wealth of know-how accumulated through the provision of ERP and Analytics implementation services. GRANVALLEY provides fostering of skilled engineers from early stages of introduction of the ERP system by sharing diverse knowledge on ERP systems including the concept of SAP ERP and standard features of its individual modules, customization methods as well as implementation methods and the effective use of ERP systems for particular operations.

Available Products

  • Zendesk product

  • SAP products