Case 1: Rebuilding of Visualized BI

Japan’s Leading Electric Motor Manufacturer
Theme: Making a Fresh Start and Enabling BI Visualization


The client introduced a BI system as the next step in information integration. However, the resulting system could not use data effectively, requiring a fresh start with a visualization project.

Project Overview

GRANVALLEY introduced SAP to deliver a mission-critical and information system framework. We also used a self-service BI tool as another way to use data effectively, to help build a company-wide data-visualization infrastructure.


In this project GRANVALLEY played a leading role to deliver comprehensive data visualization. This included development and implementation of a BI system using a self-service BI tool incorporating “The Iceberg Approach”, GRANVALLEY’s unique methodology of BI system development. We also provided implementation and setup of SAP BW for data conversion, as well as maintenance and operation.

Target Operations

  • Management Accounting
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Management