Case 3: E-Commerce Revenue Analysis and Visualization of Advertising Effectiveness

A Mail Order Company from Europe
Theme: Management Accounting and Improved Cost Effectiveness with Full Use of DWH


The client created all materials manually from DWH data, so it took a long time to get hold of the required information. Because this slowed management decision-making, the client strongly felt a need for real-time data visualization. In addition, the client wanted to measure and visually present the effectiveness of marketing.

Project Overview

GRANVALLEY enabled analysis of revenues from the client’s E-commerce site and visual measurement of marketing activities such as advertising, by using QlikView. We leveraged the client’s legacy data warehouse (DWH), which accumulated data from mission-critical systems and Web systems.


GRANVALLEY introduced QlikView and developed a dashboard based on KPIs defined by working together with the client. This gave us a clear picture of:

  • Profit and Loss by Brand/Segment
  • Budget Control
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Individual Advertising Activities

Target Operations

  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing Analysis